Return to Castle Wolfenstein

This is the superb sequel to Wolfenstein 3-D, the original first-person, 3-D combat game. In this demo, you get two levels of first-person shooter action!Warning! This download file is 114 megabytes in size. You need a broadband connection to the Internet to download this game!

Doom (version 1.9, shareware)

Ah, yes. Wolfenstein 3-D may have started the first-person, 3-D, action-shooter gaming genre, but “Doom” made it a phenomenon that has changed the face of the computer gaming world. If you want to try the legendary “Doom,” you can still download the shareware version. Doom runs as a DOS game.

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Descent II

A great ride as you fly your fighter ship in a true 3-D, 360 degree dogfight. The action revolves about you realistically and fluidly. A super hit in its release year of 1996 and still a blast to play.