Astrogeddon is the next generation of the very popular shareware game, Astro Fire. Astrogeddon, like Astro Fire, is a fun, improved variant of the venerable classic, “Asteroids.” The game is easy at first and then gets more challenging as you proceed through the levels. Although the game features very pretty ray-traced graphics, it runs well on less-powerful, out-of-date computers!

Scorched Earth

One of my favorite old computer games is a VGA “tank versus tank” game for MS-DOS called “Scorched Earth” (or “Scorch” for short). You equip your tank by picking from an assortment of weapons (ranging from “nukes” to “heavy rollers”) and other systems (such as “shields,” “mag deflectors,” and “vertical guidance”).

Each weapon/system has its own characteristics and requires a different strategy.Then you do battle on a customizable landscape. You can play against your friends and/or the computer. You take aim at your enemy and try to judge the correct angle and power of your shot, after correcting for the wind. Guess well – if your opponent is good, or your shields are down, you might not get a second shot!